Wildfire Portable Pizza Oven

Discover the Revolutionary New Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This oven has been designed to give you years of cooking pleasure, using the most ancient method known to man. Built with care and quality in mind, using today's finest materials and craftsmanship. Be the talk of the neighborhood this summer with an Authentic Wood Fired Pizza Oven that out performs and outlasts competitive ovens at an affordable price!






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Deep Cooking


Quality Craftsmanship & Innovation

Designed and Built by Craftsmen in Portugal

The oven is entirely laser cut and all parts are welded with stainless steel. Itís interior is 100% made in 304 stainless steel as well as itís front and back panels. The door is made in stainless steel 304, with a handle and 6 holes of 0.8in, 3 on each side. Between the interior and exterior walls of the oven, top, bottom and sides, thereís a ceramic fiber blanket to achieve optimum insulation.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Fiber Insulated Walls - Faster heating time and even heat distribution
  • Stainless Door Ventilation - Control airflow for simple flame control
  • Ready To Cook! - Minimal Assembly, No Curing Required!
  • Integrated Thermometer - Ideal temperature guides for the perfect pizza


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Natural Stone Floor

Removable, Non-Stick, Authentic

The natural stone baking floor is perfect for high-heat cooking, retaining the ovens heat internally to cook your pizza to perfection. For easy cleaning and transportation of your mobile wood fired Wild Fire Pizza Oven the stone slabs are easily removable.


Available in 9 Colors

Personalize your oven to match your space

The outside 100% aluminum shell is not only completely weather proof with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, it also comes in 9 exciting colors to match any personality and environment.

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